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Coach Feld,

I would like to take some time to truly thank you for your time in coaching and developing the participants for the USA 12U development program. We attended the May 20th program and the June 7 program. As I mentioned before, anytime that Jake can attend a session where he learns at least one tool or technique, it is well worth our time. From the May 20th program, although Jake can mention four or five things, two things stuck out for him. You observed and stated that Jake had to square his feet and keep more weight on the back foot. From past coaches, Jake had more of an open stance and as a result, placed more weight up front, resulting in some foul balls and grounders. Jake made the change and practiced daily. Results were incredible. For example, Jake plays for the Line Drive Tournament team and played memorial day weekend. Jake went 7 for 9 that weekend and hit a few triples, a double and singles. Since then, he has been crushing the ball. Jake always had a high degree of confidence however, you can certainly see the impact just from a few hours with you. Hence the reason why he attended the 2nd June 7 date.

I am an engineer by profession and my wife has a Doctorate of Education and works both as a school teacher and college adjunct professor. We both have experienced Jake through his years of playing baseball and other sports, etc. The impact that two of your sessions had on him in a short time is tremendous. We are very happy and lucky that Jakes original 12U development session was cancelled so that we had the opportunity to visit you and experience your techniques, tools and approach to improving a players physical and mental capacity.

I am sure Jake will have the opportunity in the future to meet with you again and certainly appreciate the USA development program that you are part of and we can take advantage of.

Greg and Karen

Mr. Feld:

I just wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for a wonderfully instructional and enlightening clinic last evening at Frozen Ropes in Syosset. In the years that I have played and coached baseball I have never been as impressed with the quality of instruction at a clinic as I was with your clinic last night. Thank you for the amazing strategies and constructive criticism and evaluations.

My son Demetrios loves the game and it is something special that we share as father and son. He wants to be the best player that he can be. I am committed to doing everything in my power to provide Demetrios with every opportunity to improve and enhance his skills. Any advice or suggestions that you can make would be extremely helpful and I would be eternally thankful for your wisdom and knowledge.

Again, thank you, and I am certain that we will speak to you and see you in the future.

Professor Peter E Zirogiannis, M.A., A.B.D.- Doctoral Candidate

Peter E Zirogiannis
Department Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Coordinator of Outcomes Assessment
Accreditation Liaison Officer-MSCHE

Briarcliffe College

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