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Local School Leagues

The GNYSAA is interested in adding as many leagues to our list for all of our members for them to make use of their local leagues and travel leagues as well. We also include any school leagues that have websites for families to be able to access the schools baseball programs.

School baseball leagues in the Greater NY area including the 5 boroughs and Long Island.

Name Website Twitter Locations
NY State Public H.S. Baseball Championships

School Leagues Overview and Welcome Message

We hope you are looking forward to your baseball season with your team and league!  We'll be spending our season enhancing the use of our local School leagues listings as your main resource for school baseball.

We know that baseball is a huge part of your life experience and we will continue to take steps to improve our program.  We've been around for a long time and have had the same goal in mind since day 1: "To provide people a great way of engaging in competitive and fun activities." So please take a look at our listings of some local school leagues and follow along with each week as they progress to championships. 

Our GNYSAA followers enjoy:

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  • Tournaments/Showcase listings
  • Club Team listings
  • Leagues-School College Recreational Travel
  • Camps/Clinics listings
  • Professional Training listings
  • Equipment listings
  • Want to add your league to our listings? Get in touch!

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